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Considerations for Buying Used VR Equipment

While it may be advantageous to purchase your virtual reality (VR) equipment and devices brand new, if you are tight on money, buying used may be something you want to consider.

There are several sites that may be used for swapping equipment. In many cases, VR players (as in the people) want to upgrade their equipment and they are ready to sell their older equipment and gear to those who are just starting out in VR. Maybe they just want to help out another player who wants to save a buck or two.

Proceeding with Caution, but Armed with Information

While no particular site can be recommended over another and each VR player needs to proceed with caution, a basic understanding that scams do occur is a helpful place to start. Also, there are some sites out there that have been around for a while and have built up some level of credibility.

Still, be sure to do your own research and don’t take just anyone’s opinion as absolute, without your own research and opinion.

There are no warranties for the following listed sites and no recommendations to use these sites. They are simply listed because they exist on the internet and may be of interest to you. Along with that comes the familiar advice of “Buyer Beware.”

There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind, regardless of where you buy your used VR equipment, or from whom you buy it.

You will want to ensure that the vendor or the person from whom you are buying the equipment is credible and trustworthy. Fortunately, sites like Amazon and eBay include opportunities to rate the sellers (and the buyers).

It is nice if we, as members of the global community, do our duty and rate the products with which we have experience. Even in cases where the product (or service) is inferior, we are being kind to those who read the review and for those who are considering the next purchase. We are helping them to be able to make an informed decision.

The Importance of the Ratings (and Reviews) of Others

So, as that future buyer, be sure to read the ratings for your vendor and read the ratings carefully. Look at the numbers, but also look at the comments. This is very important so you will want to read the details of how the situation was handled. This is helpful when you find write-ups that are a bit confusing. This should give you an idea of what type of person you are dealing with before you enter into this future transaction.

If you are not sure about all that you are reading (or the product itself), contact the seller. Also, observe how quickly that seller gets back to you. Pay attention to how kind (or not kind) he or she is, and how helpful they are. If you have any bad vibes about the communication process, you may want to consider going somewhere else for your transaction. If you decide to move forward with this seller, assess the potential for loss and identify whether or not you are able to absorb that loss if the vendor/seller turns out to be a poor risk.

Ensure that you are purchasing the right equipment, that it is functional, and that it is clean. Check to see that there is a warranty for the equipment and gear. Sometimes the sellers mean well, but they accidentally pass on equipment that is non-functional. You want to ensure that the seller has some sort of guarantee that has you covered if that should happen.

This list should get you started and help you as you accumulate more gear. You will become more experienced in this area. Soon, it will be YOU who will be the one offering the expert advice.

Taking the VR Remote Controller on Your Business Travels

Just when it seems that you have all of the gear and devices for Virtual Reality (VR) figured out and then something throws you off your game.

What is this Remote Controller and what does it do? There is a remote controller listed at Amazon (affiliate), with a three-star rating (not as high as we would like) but it does allow us to figure out a bit of what it does for us in the VR world.

The remote controller is said to be multifunctional. From the listing, it appears to do quite a bit. One would wonder, “Does it take the dog outside to do his or her business, too?”

If you know anything about virtual reality, you know that VR headsets or viewers come in handy in order to see what is going on in your VR experience. So, the question may be what this remote control does. Does it control your glasses? Why is it listed as a remote controller that is wireless and yet also a VR headset, other than the fact that it is multifunctional?

The gear boasts of being convenient, light, and easy to transport. That makes it convenient for those business trips where you want to do something that helps you to unwind, whether you are unwinding during the traveling or after you have settled into your place for the evening.

Part of what makes this VR gear so convenient and versatile is its ability to function in two different modes. One mode is the game mode, allowing you to use it in the virtual reality mode. It functions as a gamepad, in that mode. In the second mode, it is able to function as a camera and handle the music that is stored in the smartphone. In other words, you have the multi-function of the game functionality and the smartphone functionality.

This is a convenient design, allowing for efficiency within one unit. It takes up a smaller footprint and still allows the use of your phone. However, it appears, based on the reviews, that there is still some room for growth on this multifunction device and that until it has arrived at success, that you may want to consider the standby units that do a little better in the ratings.

This unit does still appear to include the viewer. The viewer would be needed in order to view the 3D virtual reality panoramic scene and experience it. However, similar to a television remote control, the multifunctional remote controller seems to be the hub, when it comes to control. That hub allows the bundle of gear to switch between gaming and functionality. That is why this bundle is so easy to picture as something that is convenient in a business travel situation.

What is the Big Deal About Oculus Rift?

The Oculus Rift is a big deal, in more ways than one. For many people, it is life changing in the virtual reality (VR) world. It is also expensive enough to cost as much as a mortgage payment.

For those who have experienced the Oculus Rift (affiliate), now owned by Facebook, for no small investment amount, they are bragging about how lifelike the experience is. When one realizes that the experiences that they have in real life can be transferred to that of a virtual reality experience, that tells you something about just how lifelike the VR really is, especially with this Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift is not only big in experience and price, but it takes up a bit of your living room as you are unpacking it and setting it up, with all of the cables and necessary gear. For most geeks, it is an easy enough installation along the lines of a computer installation, but for those who are not comfortable with techie things, there may be a need for some help in the Oculus Rift VR installation department. Likely, you have a friend or family member who is willing to help you, especially if they get a turn at the virtual reality experience as well.

The Pros and Cons

In deciphering the pros and cons of the VR platform, there are interesting outcomes. The main cons fall in the area of confusion (i.e. installation), and of course, the price. However, for those who have the money and the geeky know-how, there are the pros. Those pros and bragging level of the virtual reality experience seem to be through the roof. It appears that that may make VR worth every penny for those addicted to that VR experience.

One could hope that over time, this platform becomes a little more affordable and maybe a little less clunky. After all, even Facebook has improved in those areas, hasn’t it?

For the observer, looking at the Oculus Rift setup on their friend’ss face, in their home, it may seem odd. It may be a case of seeing the friend with the funny-looking viewer on their face. This may seem to be the strangest thing they have ever experienced. But, as Oculus Rift declares on their home page, that all is well. Simply step into the Oculus Rift and it is an entirely different experience. There are also many different types of experiences from which to choose, all of which provide some level of realism.

Does it really matter how funny-looking a viewer may appear to be, from the outside? Afterall, when looking through the viewer takes you to worlds that were previously unknown, that is all that matters, right? You are entering a place that used to be the stuff of dreams and the ingenuity of science and science-fiction. And, it was the fodder for Hollywood scriptwriters. Now is the opportunity to experience what the world was meant to be, at least that of the Virtual Reality world.

Bluetooth Technology and Other Tidbits in the VR World

The Bluetooth Controller may present a couple of question marks in your mind, as you are unboxing your initial Virtual Reality (VR) package.

So, what is a Bluetooth controller and why should you care?

Hopefully, your package comes with instructions that explain what it is and what it does. If so, you may find that the controller does exactly what it is advertised to do. It controls your smartphone!

Depending on the gear and the platform, the controller could control the Android or the iOS smartphone. It works as a sort of mouse, but the key thing is that it handles that smartphone to make your VR experience a little easier (and more fun).

Understanding the Importance of a Controller

Why does it matter?

By using a controller, you can ensure that your smartphone goes into the viewer properly. When the smartphone is carefully and properly placed in the viewer, you can help to minimize the possibility of damage to the smartphone. Also, it should help to avoid accidental misuse. Without a controller, the smartphone gets more handling. This causes potential scratches and damage.

Once your smartphone is in its place, the controller becomes essential, in order to avoid this type of damage.

Bluetooth technology facilitates the connection for the controller.

The example package, for the purposes of understanding the technology, is shown on Amazon (even though it is misspelled) > affiliate link. This one on Amazon also mentions that it is compatible with Samsung devices. That is something that is important to check when doing your research on controllers. Check compatibility. You never know when you may want to switch smartphones and not have to switch other gear, so it is good to know which ducks are in that row and to know that ahead of time.

Be sure to verify that it is easy to connect using the Bluetooth technology. Since you need to control the smartphone used, you want it to be something comfortable for you. And, especially since it is VR. It needs to be a technology with which you are comfortable.

Ideally, you want to be able to test the controller prior to investing too much money into the package deal (bundle).

Beyond the Controller… A Few Other Things

A few other things to check when figuring out all these little items that go along with VR systems: Is the headset comfortable? Is it padded for comfort? Are the lenses adjustable for range? We all have different eyes and facial structure, so that is important for customization.

Some other items to watch for in your package is that it really does include the Bluetooth remote control and that it includes the headset. You’d be surprised how many times packages reference something that is not included. Definitely double check!

Some of the items that you may want to check include the following. For example, essential batteries, scratch-proof lens cleaning cloth, and the user guide. You know, the guide that helps us know that we shouldn’t eat the preservatives that help to keep your stuff safe (is that what they do?).

So, now you know what a controller is, what Bluetooth technology is, as it relates to the controller, and a little bit of info to keep in mind for your research into that buying decision (i.e. VR Bundle).

The Virtual Reality Experience with the iPad

Yes, you can experience virtual reality (VR) with an iPad (or more specifically, especially because of size, the iPad Mini).

As you can probably guess, it looks a little odd. If you thought that Google Cardboard with the smartphone looked strange, then sticking an iPad on your face is even stranger. But, instead of imagining it, take a look for yourself, with this video:

AirVR is a big proponent of this iPad VR trend. Though, that trend started about three years ago. It is a good sign that it hasn’t gone away yet, even with its strange appearance.

AirVR has done a nice job with the graphics, above, in the video, but we do wish that they would work a bit on the sound and maybe sound a little excited about the product. But, hey, the idea is to see if we want to use an iPad for VR and how feasible it is, right?

Pros and Cons of the iPad VR Experience

The Pros of using an iPad (Mini) for the virtual reality experience is that you can benefit from the graphics, as well as all of the features that make the iPad awesome in the first place. Also, with the newer iPads, you can obtain cellular service (as opposed to the really old iPads, from way back when, as in the original iPads). This is a matter of chatting with your mobile service provider and obtaining a SIM card for your iPad. So, you don’t have to worry about cellular coverage or any sacrifices in that department when it comes to selecting the iPad over the iPhone for your VR experience.

The Cons that will come your way with the iPad VR is that it is funny looking and, uh, big. It is like a large board across your face and possibly that can affect your ability to breathe. Yes, you can breathe, but let’s face it, it is a bit of an awkward device for VR. Then again, as you can see from the AirVR video, they have thought of everything when it comes to adapting the thing for your face.

One other possible challenge is that you may not have the same mobility as you would with the smartphone VR. In fact, you won’t have the same mobility (no pun intended). But, the question is how much mobility you really need. Possibly, the iPad setup is just perfect the way it is and the mobility and movement aspect is not a disadvantage at all.

What is on Amazon for the Tablet/iPad?

One could spend hours (literally) searching for the perfect viewer or other gear for the iPad VR experience, on Amazon. And, even after that hour of searching, it is possible that nothing pops. A couple of different things are happening. In some cases, you may find an iPad case (no pun intended) and the vendor has included the acronym “VR” in the title and that is why it shows up as if it is a viewer. (True story! I saved you from the unpleasant experience of following that useless link.)

In other cases, like the example we are about to use, it is yet another situation. In that case, the iPad VR gear is normal VR gear that is accessed a certain way.

How is that, you ask? By using a smart controller (remote control).

To help explain this a bit easier, let’s take a look at the example >> “Ecoastal 2016 New Version 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset with Remote Wireless Controller, Focal & Pupil Distance adjustment” (affiliate).

We are not necessarily recommending this bundle (although it looks pretty good) but we are using it as an example. If you visit that bundle, scroll down the list of features. At the bottom of the list of features, you will notice verbiage that explains it all. It mentions that the bundle can be used with a tablet as long as the remote control is used. Of course, an example of a tablet is the iPad or iPad Mini, even though those are not the only tablets out there.

With the remote control capability, we have the ability to do quite a few things. Add that Bluetooth technology and you are connecting this with that and vice versa. That is the magic of being able to use the iPad for VR. Or, at least it is one way.