Taking the VR Remote Controller on Your Business Travels

Just when it seems that you have all of the gear and devices for Virtual Reality (VR) figured out and then something throws you off your game.

What is this Remote Controller and what does it do? There is a remote controller listed at Amazon (affiliate), with a three-star rating (not as high as we would like) but it does allow us to figure out a bit of what it does for us in the VR world.

The remote controller is said to be multifunctional. From the listing, it appears to do quite a bit. One would wonder, “Does it take the dog outside to do his or her business, too?”

If you know anything about virtual reality, you know that VR headsets or viewers come in handy in order to see what is going on in your VR experience. So, the question may be what this remote control does. Does it control your glasses? Why is it listed as a remote controller that is wireless and yet also a VR headset, other than the fact that it is multifunctional?

The gear boasts of being convenient, light, and easy to transport. That makes it convenient for those business trips where you want to do something that helps you to unwind, whether you are unwinding during the traveling or after you have settled into your place for the evening.

Part of what makes this VR gear so convenient and versatile is its ability to function in two different modes. One mode is the game mode, allowing you to use it in the virtual reality mode. It functions as a gamepad, in that mode. In the second mode, it is able to function as a camera and handle the music that is stored in the smartphone. In other words, you have the multi-function of the game functionality and the smartphone functionality.

This is a convenient design, allowing for efficiency within one unit. It takes up a smaller footprint and still allows the use of your phone. However, it appears, based on the reviews, that there is still some room for growth on this multifunction device and that until it has arrived at success, that you may want to consider the standby units that do a little better in the ratings.

This unit does still appear to include the viewer. The viewer would be needed in order to view the 3D virtual reality panoramic scene and experience it. However, similar to a television remote control, the multifunctional remote controller seems to be the hub, when it comes to control. That hub allows the bundle of gear to switch between gaming and functionality. That is why this bundle is so easy to picture as something that is convenient in a business travel situation.

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