Making Your Own Tablet VR Viewer

Ok, I think we can agree that the iPad Mini VR contraption might look a little strange. It looks sort of like a plank attached to your face.

Granted, the benefits are there, when compared to regular smartphones. There are the added benefits that come with the iPad, like graphics, sound, etc. And, when using the iPad Mini for VR, all of those features transfer over to your VR experience.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that you look funny wearing a tablet on your face 😉

In trying to find a viewer/headset that worked with the iPad, we came up a bit empty. However, we did find some really helpful videos that showed us how to create our own viewers. Think along the lines of Google Cardboard and you have the right idea.

In this case, it is a matter of grabbing the next delivery box that comes through your front door, along with some scissors and cutting it to shape it into your new viewer.

YouTube Videos for Your Educational (or Entertainment) Value

How to Make a Virtual Reality Headset Cheap for iPad

This one is interesting and it certainly boasts of a pretty pink magnifying glass, as well as some grooving music to inspire you as you build whatever it is you are building.

Google Launches Cardboard VR Headset for Tablets

For real? Seriously? Not… but you have to watch it! You will be glad that you did!

My Cardboard iPad Mini

Need to save money? This is cardboard in the truest sense. This is virtual in the truest sense. Get ready for your True VR iPad…

Making a DIY Virtual Reality Headset Using a 7″ Android Tablet
This one is a long video. It is probably the most realistic as far as what might work, but do you WANT it to work? At the end of the video, you have something that looks like the evolution of the Village People version of a tablet VR viewer headset to a “Back to the Future” outcome, all thanks to a bin of hardware/screws, to help with the leverage/weight distribution.
One thing is for sure. Watching this video should help you to understand why it is sometimes difficult to find iPad or Tablet Viewers.

Oh – and this gentleman is a Brit, so listen carefully and realize that some words sound different to us Yanks (Americans) and that the money discussion may be different, depending on the country from whence you come.

A Couple of Concerns

One other thing to keep in mind is that even though the iPad (or other tablets) may have incredible graphics processing and sound processing, it may not be good enough for virtual reality (VR). You may end up with pixelated results or delays in sound and this will surely affect the enjoyment of your VR experience. So, before investing too much money, definitely keep that in mind. And, if/when possible do the “pet the puppy” routine, to give yourself an opportunity to try something before a huge investment.

Before we go, let’s learn a bit more about iPad VR, the hardware, the technology. Let’s go back to where it all started in 2014, with the Kickstarter campaign and the AirVR (, as we know it today. See you there!

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