VR Has Come a Long Way, Along With Its Differences and Options

Not all Virtual Reality gear is built the same. But, by the same token, not all VR gear is priced the same, either. And, this gear provides different levels of experience.

At the higher end of the spectrum, is something that is more of a three-dimensional (3D) or movie experience. This is the virtual reality that legends are made of and what is typically in the minds and dreams of children and adults alike.

That form of virtual reality is the type that allows you to see a computer-generated alternative world, hear that virtual world, and actually move around and experience that world or reality.

It is the stuff of science fiction and more reminiscent of the Star Trek holodecks. While you are confined to a smaller space than a holodeck, you can still move around with it. You can still experience what you are seeing in your Movie Game Box.

Understanding the Options and the Differences

The virtual reality world has different terms. It depends on the vendor. Much of that depends on the vendor who is developing the gear. And, of course, as each new device emerges on the market, there is another competitor vying for that winning spot and moving forward to improve on it, gaining the market hold in that VR arena… at least for a time.

Vendors come and go, as we have seen over the past years, especially on the internet. However, there are some major players in the virtual reality world. They are likely to stick around, for a while, at least. At the same time, there are some smaller companies coming on board that may offer better (or more affordable) pricing for the little guy. If your investment is lower, take a chance. A lesser-known vendor is ok. The lower your investment, the more leeway you have for that option.

Understanding the Process

When it comes to VR gear and devices, it is a stair-step when it comes to functionality and pricing. Yes, the 3D experience is more exciting. It is exactly what one would think of when defining virtual reality. That said, you pay for that right and you pay for that experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may be paying only $20, but, what is the experience? It may be along the lines of the ViewMasters of the 1970s. In those cases, you looked through two eye holes and saw images that seemed to have a 3D effect. The exception is that they didn’t move and you were not participating in the action. It was simply a cool image.

Then again, back in the 60s, that was cool. We have come a long way since then, in our virtual reality world. We have especially hit those new levels with the three-dimensional and Movie Box experience. So, if you have the money to experience it, go out and experience it. Let us know what it is like to enter into an alternate reality, as they say in science fiction.

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