Virtual Reality and YouTube

Virtual reality videos have been around for a while. In decades past, realtors used to use panoramic views of the inside of a house, in order to give prospective buyers the perception of being there, even if they were viewing it from another geographic location.

Sometimes these panoramic views were truly technological advances and sometimes they were a process of trickery (and genius) with the stitching together of multiple phasic photographs until it created the perception of the panoramic view.

We have come a long way since then, with actual 3D movies and videos. Even YouTube has joined in on the game. And, that makes sense. After all, who can think of digital media in the form of a video without thinking of YouTube?

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to participate in virtual reality (VR) with your 360 degrees (think “panoramic”) VR video on YouTube. Once you have located a video that fits that description, click on the icon that represents Google Cardboard on that video. Using your Cardboard Viewer, insert your smartphone so that you are ready to partake in the VR experience. Or, in place of the Cardboard viewer, use any other type of viewer that will work for VR. For example, another option is the Oculus Rift viewer bundle (affiliate).

However, when comparing the Google Cardboard viewer (whether purchased or built yourself) to a viewer such as an Oculus Rift Viewer (even without the bundle), there is quite a bit of money involved and quite the difference in price.

That is likely part of the reason why obtaining five stars may not be readily available on these higher priced items and VR gear. The expectation, when dishing out hundreds of dollars is that this thing is the best thing since sliced bread. So, when it doesn’t quite measure up, it is going to go down in the ratings and may only show a couple of stars out of five stars.

In contrast, something made out of cardboard, that costs around four dollars is more likely to hit a satisfactory note since there is not too much of an outlay of money.

Back to YouTube, again, we are thinking in terms of that panoramic view, so whether you are using cardboard or the highest priced ocular-enhanced viewer, you can still view this panoramic-like view on YouTube. Also, as long as you follow the instructions to prepare the VR experience with the YouTube, you are all set.

Often times, those who like the more simplistic, cheaper route, are going to head for the free option of the YouTube videos, as well as the low-dollar cardboard viewers that allow for the insertion of their smartphone, even if that smartphone is not necessarily cheap.

This combination of devices, gear, software, and ingenuity allows for that virtual reality (VR) experience without having to take out another school loan or refinance one’s house for additional payments on the mortgage bill for eternity.

In order to find the 360 / panoramic YouTube videos for your virtual reality experience, search for things like “3D” or “360” or “Virtual Reality” when searching YouTube. In addition to videos that are 3D, you may find informational videos that will help point you to what you are seeking.

Here are some examples of videos you may find:

Sony Gear VR Demonstration

A 3-D Video (Suggested: Sony Gear VR)

GoPro VR Video Recommended to be Used on the Kolor App.

Red Bull F1 Racing in 360 Degrees. (It needs better imaging but is still pretty good.)

Experience VR Dating with Yolanda on YouTube.

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