Virtual Reality and the Travel Industry

Virtual Reality is changing how we view the travel industry.

Whereas we used to have to rely on what our friends, family, and neighbors would share with us when it came to their travels and exploits (and occasional bragging), we are now able to experience it first-hand with VR!

We are able to make an informed decision on what we would like to do, as well as where we would like to visit, all thanks to the science (and art) of virtual reality.

Travel will not look the same, now that we have virtual reality (VR).

We can do several different things.

You have the ability to narrow your selection of vacation hot spots. Then, provide the short list to your family or loved ones. This allows them to experience that short list in virtual reality and help to make that final decision.

Handling Disappointment in a Positive VR Way

You may have a situation where you and your loved ones do not agree on a destination. As a concession, you can experience the virtual reality of the losing party. So, for example, it was a close race and you have decided, as a family, group, or couple, on a particular destination. Instead of pouting that you have missed the other destinations, go enjoy them within your virtual reality application! In fact, visit ten places while you are on your way to the winning destination.

This process also helps you to select the destination that is likely to be the most fun for the in-person experience versus the virtual reality. Maybe a virtual experience in Paris would be delightful because you could enjoy time spent at a cafe without consuming too much of any particular alcoholic beverage. However, you may want to visit a particular city in Germany so that you can purchase a cuckoo clock. You could see the cuckoo clocks in a virtual reality experience. Keep in mind that that doesn’t necessarily mean you can purchase it and bring it home. We haven’t quite arrived at the Star Trek replicator stage…. yet.

What About Google Maps?

Have you ever played with Google Maps? If so, you are experiencing a bit of virtual reality on the web. How fun is it to pretend that you are walking on a street level. Doing that allows you to observe the houses (for potential purchasing options, of course… after all, you are not a stalker).

This is just another example of how the travel industry is changing. It also illustrates how the real estate industry is changing. All with the introduction of virtual reality.

Another great area for travel is the adventure part of the trip. Maybe you are traveling with others who are not as adventurous, but you do not want to miss out on things like skydiving, deep sea diving, parachuting, or even some time at the local amusement park, screaming as you descend while riding the huge roller coaster. With virtual reality (VR), you may be able to experience this while your partner or family enjoy tea at the local tea house. This could be the opposite, with you and the kids enjoying the amusement park while some of your family members enjoy a virtual time at the spa (or a real-time at the spa!).

Think of the possibilities!

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