Traveling with VR as Your Travel Mate

Right away when I think about traveling with Virtual Reality (VR) as my traveling partner, I start to think about how to pack the gear, where to put it (i.e. in the overhead bin of an airplane or under the seat in front of me) and the list goes on from there.

You ARE traveling when you participate in virtual reality in some cases. It is a question of WHERE you want to travel to and what you want to experience in your travels. Name the place, choose the gear, choose the level of excitement in your virtual reality experience, and start that experience and fly (no pun intended).

All the VR fun aside, let’s talk about the boring part of this discussion, first, and get it out of the way.

That is, how to pack your VR gear and devices. If you are traveling by airplane or traveling in close quarters with other travelers (i.e. bus or a packed van), you will likely need to be more careful in how the gear is packed, to ensure that it does not get scratched or bounced around so much that it breaks.

Maybe it is a non-issue because you are using your smartphone and the viewer packs easily. In that case, you are all set. But, maybe you are packing a game system or other VR gear and if that is the case, you have some considerations.

Obviously, it is ideal if you can pack your gear in its original packaging, but that is assuming that you still have the original packaging and that that same packaging isn’t just a bunch of plastic that you have to cut through with a hunting knife. It is opportune to use the original carrying case if you have it. The only other thing to consider is the size of that carrying case and whether it will fit or how it will fit in your particular traveling situation.

Other Options

If your gear did not come with a carry case, you can find something that will work. Popular places include You make it work even if it is not the original carry case. For example, use that foam stuff that you cut to shape. You could also use that bubble wrap stuff, or any combination of packing material that will protect your gear.

Also, keep in mind that your gear is likely taking up very little space! I saved that point for last because it makes life a bit easier. For example, as we mentioned, you may be using your smartphone for your virtual reality experience. If that is the case, it is just a matter of packing your smartphone. And, you are already doing that, right?

Add to that the headset or 3D movie box or anything else you want to add. Again, with something like a carrying case and packaging, and you are all set. Now, choose your favorite virtual reality travel game. Visit anywhere in the world while you are traveling to another place in the world.

You have heard of multitasking, now you are multi-traveling without even leaving your seat. It might look strange, but with the way our culture is rapidly changing, it isn’t. It could be that your neighbors may be doing exactly the same thing as you!

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