The Future of Nintendo Wii and Virtual Reality

It is no small wonder that Nintendo Wii has been phenomenally popular and then even more popular than that. Who can resist the cute little cartoon characters and the realistic playing experience, even before virtual reality came on the scene?

Nintendo made a name for itself back in the days of Mario and his brother Luigi and it was as if we were a part of their family. (Or, were they a part of our family?) Either way, it felt as if it was the family time when we sat down to play the popular video games. Then, as guilt may have tried to creep into the mix, warning us that we were spending too much time with our eyeballs glued to the screen, as video game junkies, the Wii gaming system was introduced to the public.

Now, it was not a case of playing video games, but it was a case of exercising, which is good (no, exceptional) for the health and it was a case of spending time with the family. Now, we were no longer a globe full of slothful people sitting in our rundown hole-in-the-seat chairs, eating Cheetos and spilling sodas on the stained carpet, but we were athletic, in-shape, healthy people (or so we told ourselves).

According to Nintendo, they are a bit at odds with the idea of virtual reality (VR). Then, again, hasn’t Nintendo pretty much always done what they wanted to do? Isn’t that part of the mystique and intrigue of the company and its products? It is a leader of the pack and Nintendo doesn’t wait to be told what to do. Instead, they tell the rest of the world what the rest of the world should be doing. Such is the case with Wii and such is the case for a lack of need (or desire) for VR.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For those individuals who do not necessarily want to take the full plunge into VR, there are other options. For example, there is still the option of playing the games available on the Nintendo systems, including Wii. It is not like there is a marriage commitment, but rather a choice that is made each time a player moves forward. That person decides what he or she is going to do for that moment, whether it is VR, Nintendo Wii, or something else.

Virtual Reality Coming on the Scene

Already, there is a sense of virtual essence within the gaming system. That is part of Nintendo’s framework, so in that sense, they are ahead of the game.

Trying to compare Nintendo Wii to a 3D VR experience would be like comparing the game of ping pong (with a partner) to that of a ping-pong table folded up against a wall, for the single player. The ping pong table up against the wall in the basement is a solo event. But, the activity of going to the local pub and singing Karaoke is not solo. One is a singular event of improving oneself and the other is a social experience. While there may be a crossover between the two events, they are not the same. One involves the building of the community and social growth. The other involves the personal and physical growth of that individual.

Now, let’s add some color to our example. Let’s say there are ping pong tables and Karaoke at the local pub. Playing ping pong in your basement (with the half table) is a solo event. However, going to the local pub on Friday night and playing ping pong or singing Karaoke is a social event. It is a social experience.

One involves the building of the community and social growth. The other involves the personal and physical growth of that individual.

Back to Nintendo Wii and VR? They are different events (like ping pong compared to Karaoke), but they can be used in different ways (whether a solo event or a social experience). So, at the end of the day, if someone wants to skip VR and play Nintendo Wii, why not let them? To each his own, no matter what the definition is.

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