Rhythm SoundBox to Fix the Audio in VR

Just like the visual is very important in virtual reality, so is the sound. You want to feel the sound, not just hear it.

Think about listening to your favorite song on a “tinny” replication of a sound box (think radios of the 1950s, if you can). Now, compare that to walking into a movie theater and not only hearing the sound of the movie but feeling the rhythm as it permeates through your body. That is a sound experience!

You can get a similar sound experience with good speakers (assuming you do not annoy your neighbors too much). But, why not get that experience with a good headset? Why not feel your way through the virtual experience? It is already a virtual reality experience, right?

Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie and you notice that the soundtrack is “off?” You see the lips moving before or after you hear the person speak. If it is a streaming movie from Netflix or Hulu, you can restart the box and the TV and hope that the two (visual and audio) sync up properly. Usually, it ends up being in the file and it isn’t quite right. It can be frustrating.

Now, imagine that experience in virtual reality. Talk about annoying to the Nth degree! Not only does this adversely affect your virtual reality experience, but it may affect HOW you play your games and take action within the VR experience. If you are dependent on the exact moment of sound in order to take the next action, you will not be able to perform well and this may affect scoring or at least enjoyment. You certainly don’t want your cohorts to get an edge on you, do you?

An Example Sound Solution

Fortunately, there is what is called a SoundBox (affiliate), especially from the Okra vendor. As Okra brags, their device helps to line up that sound with your eyes, so that you have a perfectly aligned virtual reality experience.

No longer are we talking about sound engineering at the basic 101 level. No longer are we wondering whether someone was able to line up the audio track with the movie track. Now we are talking about an experience that is so in sync that it is as if it was born that way. After all, YOU were born that way, with your ocular capabilities. You also have your aural capabilities in sync with each other and well-integrated, allowing you to experience life in the full 360-degree experience that you are supposed to experience.

So, why not expect that with virtual reality? If it is virtual, it is only virtual to the extent that you can bring that reality to the forefront. You are looking for your entertainment pleasure. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice that rhythm of life that is the sound that permeates your being. At least, not while you are seeing and physically experiencing this alternative reality. So, go enjoy the SoundBox that you were meant to enjoy!

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