Preparing Your VR Environment to Avoid Injury

You wouldn’t think it, but it is possible.

What is that?

Injury while enjoying your favorite Virtual Reality excursion. Seriously.

You could probably sit down and brainstorm a bunch of different possibilities that could happen, in just a few minutes. In fact, if you have spent any time participating in virtual reality, you have probably had some of these not-so-fun experiences while playing. It could be as simple as a few bumps and bruises, or even worse.

So, you really should consider what to avoid so that you don’t harm yourself (or others) and also consider what you can do to help make the physical side of things more endurable.

In virtual reality (VR), it is ok if you have some bumps and bruises in the virtual part, while shooting at your enemy in a war game, flipping an automobile in a car chase, doing your favorite stunt in the next Hollywood hit movie, but those are supposed to remain within the virtual reality environment and not really happen in real life.

The problem is that people often get so involved in what they are playing that they forget that it is a computer-generated environment and actually do physical harm themselves. One common way of doing this is to forget that they might be standing while playing their favorite VR game. If that is the case and they are physically moving around, they could fall over, they could run into walls, they could trip over items in the room or any myriad of possibilities (including bopping Granny in the face as she walks into the room with your sandwich).

Steps to Secure Your Safety

So, the first rule of thumb would be for you to sit down while playing VR. You can still participate in all of the virtual activities of standing, running, jumping, flipping, tumbling, or whatever you want to do in your virtual reality. Just make sure you are sitting down in the real world, ok?

Another suggestion, while you are sitting down, is to get a wheelie chair. It is the type that you would use in an office. Ensure that the floor is smooth, or use a rubber mat. Again, like you would use in an office so that your chair easily moves.

Unless you really need the ability to lean forward, get a high-back chair. In that way, you can get comfortable for your entertainment. You may be spending quite a few hours playing VR. You don’t want back aches from too much time without back support. Besides, you could always lean forward in your high-back chair or have another stool in the room (not too near to where you are playing) ready for when you need it.

Don’t forget to ensure that your room is devoid of excess objects or furniture. Be sure to do a quick sweep (or vacuum) of the room prior to your VR games. Do this especially prior to any marathon virtual reality event. If you have regular flooring, it is probably time for a Swiffer moment (affiliate). This will ensure you have picked up any fluff and gathered up any gravel. That helps to get rid of anything that is not-so-fun to land on during your games.

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