Popular (and Not-So-Popular) Virtual Reality Games

The sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities for virtual reality (VR) experiences. It is difficult to decide what to call it. Are they games, excursions, or experiences? Why? Because the sky really is the limit.

If you have thought of something, that something can become a Virtual Reality. And, with all of the possibilities, it can turn into several things. Like a desktop software, a smartphone app, a game system application, a movie box, a YouTube panoramic video, and the list goes on from there.

So, let’s talk about a few possibilities, to get an idea. We will only scratch the surface by the time we have finished. But, you will believe me, when you hit that level of excitement in your chosen VR experience!


You can guess from the name just what this software will do or allow you to do. You can feel like you are the one out there saving the day and fortunately, the software is only $4.99 so you can save the day in an affordable manner while you are at it.

This one is considered a Perspective game and it works well with Rift type gear, if not requiring it. This one might be a little more difficult to find, so you may need to find alternative perspective software that meets the same idea as this one. It is Windows software.

VR Holidays

This software allows you to experience Virtual Reality in different locations, such as Venice, Italy. It allows you to partake in holiday festivities and different cultures around the globe. It even allows you to learn about holidays that you may not already celebrate. (This may be a great way for you to learn about the culture of your future date, giving you both a chance to see if you are compatible in areas that you may not have thought of otherwise).

This software (app) is available for Android and Apple iOS, able to function on your smartphone and compatible with viewers such as the Google Cardboard viewer.

SIMS 2 Holiday Edition (affiliate)

While SIMS have been around for a while and were quite fun back in the 90s, they haven’t lost all of their popularity just yet. It used to be that there were 3D characters that could do things, pick up things, and participate in activities and the idea of that was enough to entertain a kid (or adult) for weeks.

Then, along came virtual reality (VR) and the ante was upped to a new level. That said, there is still a place for the world of SIMS. The simulated activities have not lost their favor within the realm of virtual reality. There are holiday styles, emotions, memories, and all sorts of aspects in this game. That is to be expected in any multi-level game system. In the Holiday Edition, there is even the opportunity to do some filmmaking. This allows one to see what it is that they experienced in their sense of virtual reality.

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