How Virtual Reality Makes Life More Interesting

Virtual Reality (VR) is exactly what it sounds like it is.

VR provides the opportunity to experience something that seems like a reality. It emulates things and experiences that happen in real life. The difference is that VR is not real life and it occurs in a virtual manner. It is helpful for those who desire to have experiences to which they do not have access. It is also helpful for experiences that may be dangerous.

Examples of Virtual Reality

A common example is that of war games. Many mothers (and fathers) may not want to see their young sons and daughters join the military, but virtual reality gives these same kids (young adults) the opportunity to experience it. That experience can happen without the danger of injury or death.

Basically, VR gives the opportunity to experience a reality without the reality. This allows individuals to make a decision whether they want to follow that path in the real world.

Many people grew up watching a form of virtual reality on Star Trek. That is where they introduced the holodecks. The holodecks presented a full immersion virtual reality experience. It was also beyond its years in capability. Anything and everything seemed to fit within the scope of the holodeck. It could be a picnic by the edge of a lake from 400 years ago to a New York penthouse in the 1940s.

More Discussion About Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality allows one to be someone they are not. This is helpful for those who may be suffering from disabilities. VR allows them to run and play in ways that possibly they cannot in real life. It can give them a sense of purpose in their VR world, providing them with the opportunity to live as they desire.

At the same time, VR can create an environment where players can meet other players and develop a sense of community. The benefits of the community extend beyond Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality can help with emotional pain. It also allows an individual to use the environment to slowly move past a painful breakup and practice relationship skills that may be used in the real world. By participating in VR with other people, they can practice those skills in a semi-real-time, be honing much-needed skills in the real world.

VR goes beyond fun and games. It is used in teaching people how to fly planes and drive cars. There is even a sense of VR in Hollywood movies. Anywhere where a virtual sense of something can replace the real, there is the opportunity for virtual reality.

Think about it. The sky is the limit and, virtual reality exists in that sky, too. It gives sky divers the opportunity to overcome the fear of falling. It also helps with the fear of jumping and the fear of heights.

Finally, another use for virtual reality is to help to overcome those fears. VR provides opportunities for practicing the confidence that also helps a person in real life.

There is an interesting marriage between reality and the virtual world. It is fitting that virtual reality recognizes that in the very term that is used to describe it.

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