Advice for Your Best Music Production Software

You know, at first, I was going to say that I wasn’t sure if I agreed. But, he is warm and entertaining and appears to be one of us, as musicians, producers, etc. And, I don’t want to spoil his advice, but he does reiterate it and especially at the end. So, how about we watch the video 🙂

Even those of us who have been doing this for 30 years would agree (and yes, we were doing it before there was software!).

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  • Flynn Dec 27, 2018 @ 11:19

    Nice post. Noise cancellation is changing into extra vital to many customers which can be looking for to improve their headphones. Energetic noise cancellation works by incorporating tiny microphones on the headphones that decide up exterior noise and reproduce it into the headphones out and in of part sign thus canceling these frequencies.

    • Deborah E Jan 7, 2019 @ 23:14

      Interesting approach, Flynn. Thank you for sharing your perspective and thoughts on that. In reality, noise cancellation has been around and different techniques have been tested for years, decades… I can say that because I have been doing this for more decades than I would like to admit and we were theorizing and coming up with solutions even back in the 80s and there were solutions prior to that. Granted, with time comes sophistication and with our digital and information age progressing at lightning speeds, there are even more opportunities to test and share amongst ourselves, as professionals, and henceforth, all grow in knowledge.

      Again, thanks for sharing!

  • Brian Hastings Mar 26, 2019 @ 3:36

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing the knowledge and keep up with the good work.

    • Deborah E Aug 12, 2019 @ 16:39

      Thank you and thank you for stopping by, Brian!

  • Jaquelin Aug 16, 2023 @ 14:49


    • Deborah E Aug 16, 2023 @ 15:24

      Jaqueline, I’m glad you found it helpful. Thank you for your comment 😉 -Deborah

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