How Deborah E Made it to #1 and Stayed There for Over a Year

It all started, the promotion that is, when we enrolled in a team challenge where a bunch of us musicians decided to follow along together through Ariel Hyatt‘s Music Success In 9 Weeks (affiliate).

Oh, we had already produced the album, thanks to our friend Alan O’Day and Denny Martin. The album turned out even more wonderful than we had anticipated. I guess that helps when you are attempting to do well in the stats, eh?

You may also listen at Deborah E, Jazz Singer

Granted, there have not been as many efforts to reach #1 since then and Deborah E has still stayed at #1 for much of the time and even recently hit #4 (and then #3) in the world! But, that is where the quality product comes into the picture.

So, if we broke this down into steps, it is fairly easy:

  1. Create a quality product.
  2. Learn the process of promotion and getting your music to #1.
  3. Maintain your status. This is usually done in the same way that the first step was accomplished.

Now, it is time to go get the book that started it all 🙂 . I don’t say that because of the affiliate status but because Ariel Hyatt and the Music Success In 9 Weeks may not have started it (that was Deborah E) but it definitely got Deborah E’s music out there and provided the opportunity for hitting #1 in Jazz on Reverbnation (and keeping it).

Deborah E Top of the Charts
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