5 Hugs a Day Campaign

What is the campaign and how did it start?

This campaign is something that was started as a charity project for Deborah E after her album was released by Seaside Records.

It is an effort to share love for other humans and especially to encourage others that they are valued and deserve love.

There are so many people in our community that did not grow up with love and validation and need that extra boost. The idea is that it does not take that much effort to attempt to encourage others every day and that a goal of five people, with five hugs or five affirmations, is not too high of a goal for anyone to add to their schedules, no matter how busy.

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Now, for our campaign video:

Through her experience, in life and as a musician, Deborah found that people have a desire >> “I desire to not be forgotten.”

If we extend that desire for oneself, it is a statement that goes like this >> “I desire to not have others forgotten.”

5 Hugs a Day addresses those desires, by encouraging a slight behavioral modification (or addition to one’s life). This modification helps to enrich our own lives while enriching others’ lives.

If you cannot see anything above it may be because you have an ad blocker on for your browser. What you are missing would be a preview of Deborah's music from iTunes. You may also listen at Deborah E, Jazz Singer

As We Go Forward…

So, what is it that you are going to do to make a difference? Do you think five hugs (or five happy thoughts) are possible?

I think so! It isn’t exactly a tall order, now is it. So, it looks to me like nothing is standing in your way and you can get started even today, eh? See you in that next positive thought (or hug) coming your way!

Hey Musician – Are You Thinking Like a Label?

You are in a good place. You are doing what you love and makin’ a few bucks on the side. You get to write your own music, perform it the way you want to perform it, choose when you play and who plays on the band. So, why would you want to give up all that independence as an indie artist to sign a record deal? I mean, they are going to steal your money and rob you blind and then tie up all your music so you can’t use it, right?

Besides, who needs those attitudes… I mean we have all heard about those attitudes of the big wigs at the top who think we are just a commodity that will help them buy their next Mercedes Benz, right?

Wait, don’t write it off, just yet. Ok, go grab your favorite drink, or your ax, and let’s have a chat for awhile, just a friendly conversation about record labels and some possible benefits of signing with one. You ready?

What Does the Label Have To Offer Me?


The label is likely to have deeper pockets (finances) and a team of (hopefully) professionals.

• Deeper Pockets

Unless you are making oodles of money in music, or even with a “day job.” you may find that a record company may have deeper pockets than what you have. And, if you are doing really well with your day job, and making that 6 figure income, are you finding the time that you need to gig and write the next big hit, or are you spending all your time and energy on that job? If you are making the six figures with your music, well, eh, maybe you should be starting the next record label, eh?

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