5 Hugs a Day Campaign

You are a good person, right? I mean, you are at least as giving as the next person, right?

Then, why is it that sometimes you wonder if you are giving enough? Why is it that you can stare off in space and wonder if you are making a difference. Or, maybe that doesn’t bother you as much as the idea that you could enter and pass from this earth without anyone really remembering that you existed… Hmmm… Enter the 5 Hugs a Day Campaign.

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Hey Musician - Are You Thinking Like a Label?

Hey Musician – Are You Thinking Like a Label?

You are in a good place. You are doing what you love and makin’ a few bucks on the side. You get to write your own music, perform it the way you want to perform it, choose when you play and who plays on the band. So, why would you want to give up all [...]

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